Greetings beloved Gypsies, NOTS Legends, Stevie Worshippers and fledglings, in the full Mother Moon, from a silent New York City.

With the original date for NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES 30 coming up tomorrow, we are feeling its absence profoundly and wanted to reach out. For the past 29 years, the first weeks in May have found us in high NOTS production – a Sea Of Love and twirling, tambourines and the Stevie soundtrack we so cherish. We are reminded also of many performers, audience members and supporters of the show who we look forward to seeing every May.

Compared to what the world is experiencing now, the postponement of one show shouldn’t leave such a void, and yet it does. We thank you for every moment of joy, love, glitter and community that NOTS has brought to us through the years, and look forward to our rescheduled October 16 date.

In the meantime, every night at 7 PM when New York City cheers and bangs pots in thanks to the front line heroes, we shake our beribboned NOTS tambos out of the window here in the East Village. We await a time when we can toss them to you again and promise to update as this uncharted season continues. Meanwhile, please stay safe and keep hopeful.

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And the Love Remains-

Chi Chi Valenti and Johnny Dynell
Founding Producers, NOTS

Photo: NOTS founder CHI CHI VALENTI throws tambourines to the crowd during NOTS 19: SONGS OF RHIANNON in 2009. Photographer KEVIN TACHMAN for BACKSTAGE AT.

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