As we announce the roster for this year’s NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES 30: BOOK OF STEVIE this week, a word of deepest gratitude to the cast. We were fully booked back in March 2020 when the world changed and production on shows stopped cold. Our makeup date of October 2020 went by as well, and we stopped trying to predict at all when we would finally celebrate this momentous anniversary. Which brings us to today as we print the invites that now serve mostly as souvenirs = and of course to convey the dress code! Of our originally booked fifteen solo performers and ensembles, most will perform on May 6. Through moves and personal trials, our cast of legends and new Stevie Stars were steadfast, as was our fabulous crew.


NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES – the largest and most beloved STEVIE NICKS fan event in the world – will take flight for its thirtieth annual edition at the magnificent SONY HALL on May 6. NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES 30: BOOK OF STEVIE is produced by show founders CHI CHI VALENTI and JOHNNY DYNELL and their creative krewe at THE JACKIE FACTORY. Neither a contest nor a karaoke show, NOTS is the Stevie Nicks celebration ne plus ultra – a riot of shawls, lace, baby’s breath, twirling, tambourines and great performance.

This milestone edition (rescheduled from May 2020) will feature audience favorites from all eras of the show, and some very special debuts. The evening’s title BOOK OF STEVIE was inspired by the religious fervor, or “Stevie Worship” of show fans through the years. The deep study of Stevie’s lyrics, often passed from generation to generation, is referenced in the show’s tag line “Stevie Nicks, Chapter and Verse.” (The title also slyly marks the show’s Broadway debut, just blocks from BOOK OF MORMON.)

The three Act show stars NOTS Legends BRIDGET BARKAN, CATHY CERVENKA (THE HO-HOs), IT WAS ROMANCE, VANGELINE THEATER, MARYANNE PICCOLO, THE RACHEL KLEIN THEATRE, DEANNA LARSON (WYOMING) and DESERT SIN. Representing NOTS NEW ORLEANS with a swamp-tinged rendition are DEREK SIMS and RAIN JAUDON (MISSISSIPPI.) Longtime NOTS DJ SAMMY JO spins the all-Stevie/Fleetwood dancefloor with founding NOTS DJ ALTHEA LOVELESS opening. Enchantresses of Ceremonies (MCs) CHI CHI VALENTI, PAUL ALEXANDER, EDITRIX ABBY and HEATHER LITTEER will keep the white winged talent flowing.

NOTS 30 debuts are led by Ireland’s VIKKI MARTIN, lead singer of Europe’s only Nicks tribute STANDBACK THE STEVIE NICKS EXPERIENCE (DUBLIN). The other stellar debuts are New Orleans and Seattle based burlesque icons KITTEN ‘N LOU and tribute artists SABRINA STAATS of GYPSY, A TRUE STEVIE NICKS EXPERIENCE (ASBURY PARK) and GOLD DUST WOMAN lead Stevie JANET SOLURI. As always, NOTS 30 will climax with the “Battle of A Thousand Stevies” finale and tambourines will be tossed to the Enchanted audience through the night.

As epic a tribute to Nicks’ musical gifts and stage mastery as NOTS is, it equally showcases “STEVIE STYLE” – the iconic Stevie looks from handkerchief hems to fringed shawls and adorned top hats. Though dressing up isn’t mandatory, we highly recommend it.

This year’s Suggested Dress:

Your Favorite NOTS costuming 1991 To Present, Saint Stevie, High Priestess Haute, Enchanted Eveningwear, Classic Fleetwood “The Dance” looks, Crescent Moon Talismans, Best Hair In Rock ‘N Roll, Sorceress Capes, Lace And Paper Flowers, Welsh Witch Effects Or Like A White Winged Dove. BYOT – Bring Your Own (Embellished) Tambourine.

Photo: Wyoming-based Stevie Star DEANNA LARSON “like a bird in flight” onstage at her NOTS debut in 2019. She will appear at NOTS 30: BOOK OF STEVIE in Act Two. Photo by JEREMY ROCKLIN for The Jackie Factory.


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